Saturday, August 12, 2006

Recipe Alert

Here's a link to a really neat cooking blog... Tammy's Recipes.

She has a ton of recipes and they are all organized under catagories for ease. The photographs are simply mouthwatering, and although I haven't actually made anything from this site yet, the recipes I've looked at seem to look fairly easy and classic-- something I'd make for a family dinner.



Kaci said...

I made the Sweet and Sour Chicken recipe from the website. It doesn't really taste like the kind you get at a Chinese restaurant, but it was still pretty good. We might make it again sometime.

Ruth said...

Kaci, Did you take a picture? If so, I'd like to post it and the recipe on this site. I love S&S Chicken! Ruth

Kaci said...

No, I didn't. I actually thought about taking a picture while it was cooking, but then forgot about it later. It looks like I might be making supper more than I used to, so if I make any more new recipes I'll be sure to take a picture of it! :-)