Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Grocery musings

Overall I really enjoy grocery shopping and menu planing, but sometimes it can be frustrating. Like when the perfectly ripe, delicious-looking apricots are $3.99 lb. and I have to settle for greenish-yellow peaches, or when I blow the food budget on needed groceries at my little neighborhood store because I don't feel like driving across town in 100 degree weather to get better prices. Or when I do go to a big supermarket and feel overwhelmed and exhausted from all the choices and options lined up on endless rows that seem to go on for miles. Or when my midwife tells me I should start eating whole grain "Ezekiel Bread" from an expensive health food store and I usually buy the 99 cents-a-loaf bread. I don't know what the balance is between convience and cost, between health-conscience eating and health-nut eating.

I haven't come to any conclusions or made any changes in what I'm doing, but I have been reading and mulling over all of this. These links today have all sorts of neat tips and ideas--the first on How to Eat Well on Less, and the second one is a plea for help with lots of comments from readers telling how they menu plan and shop. It's all very interesting.

I would love to hear how any of our readers manage the grocery shopping and meal planning. Please share if you have any ideas. Maybe I just need to stress about it less. =)


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