Monday, June 19, 2006

Vegetable Bagels

Vegetable bagels...I simply can't say enough about how good these are. They sustained me during college (the cheapest thing on the food court menu!) and now Justin and I enjoy eating them for a very healthy and filling lunch. These sandwiches are so awesome that I really can't rave enough. Try them, because they are wonderful.


Toast bagel slices
Spread both bagels with cream cheese (the thicker the better!)
Pile with vegtables (see suggested combination below)
Top with ranch dressing (I know this sounds weird, but the combination of ranch and cream cheese is totally perfect.)
Place top half of the bagel on top like a sandwhich, press down slighly, and cut in half if desired.
Serve with potato chips and cantelope. Very yummy lunch!

Suggested Vegtables:

(This is my absolute favorite combination for vegetable bagels, but if anyone else makes these with different veggies, let me know how they come out because I'm open to trying new combinations. Note that everything should be sliced pretty thinly or the sandwich may end up too big and tall to eat easily.)

Shredded iceburg lettuce
Cucumbers slices
Green bell pepper slices
Sliced jalapeno peppers (fresh or from a jar)
Sliced hamberger dill pickles
Sliced olives

ps. Tomatoe slices are good too


Anonymous said...

You're right, this is really good! I saw your recipe yesterday morning and it looked good to me as I've been craving salads and I like bagels and usually love anything with cream cheese. :)
I made it for my lunch yesterday and had everything but a bell pepper and cantaloupe on the side. I sure did enjoy it. Thank you for posting it, I appreciate seeing the pictures too. ~Karen

Jessica said...

I'm glad you liked them, Karen!

Do you not like bell peppers, or did you just not have any? I think they add a lot, but I really love bell peppers with pretty much anything.

Katie Marie said...

Jessica served these to me last week and they are indeed very yummy!!!! At first I wasn't sure how the ranch and cream cheese would taste together, but once I took a bite, I had no regrets!
All you olive-haters out there, I skipped out on the olives and it still tasted great...
See you tonight Jess! Love, Katie

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
Yes, I do like bell peppers but I chose not to get any this time because I'm pregnant and suffer from heartburn easily. That is one of the first things to go when I'm trying to avoid those symptoms.