Monday, August 07, 2006

New Bookshelves!

I am so excited!
Mark made some bookshelves for our thousands of books!
With a little help from Emily he made the shelves out of MDF board which we painted white. These built-in shelves are fully adjustable and they have trimwork at the top and bottom. He made 4 sets for upstairs and 5 sets for downstairs in our new "library" aka "school room" aka "the book room." We haven't decided on a name for the room yet, but basically it will be home to all the school supplies, curricula, file cabinets and copy machine. I'm hoping to find a love seat or stuffed chair to put in the room as well. Right now the downstairs books are on the shelves, but they aren't organized yet. The upstairs books were organized by subjects by Katie. This week I want to get the school room organized so that we can start school next Monday!

Go to to see the pictures in a bigger format.


raizn4andnomore said...

WOW!!! You all have a TON of books!!!! Nice bookshelves!!!

Love ya

Elissa said...

Wow! you have almost as many books as we have! Beautiful bookshelves.

Kace said...

Can I come over and read some of those books?! :-)
I love your bookshelves!!! I really like them! I love how they go from the ceiling all the way down to the floor.
Mr. Smith did a great job on them.