Saturday, March 17, 2007

Angel Food and Cool Whip

Angel Food cake box mix, Cool Whip, food coloring, and sprinkles if desired...The result? A festive, delicious, and quick birthday cake.

Yes, it's just a box Angel Food cake, but the topping makes it special--even though it's supremely easy. For years I've watched my mom mix food coloring (and maybe a bit of vanilla or almond flavoring) up with Cool Whip, and top in on the Angel Food cake with a spatula. However, yesterday for Jessica's birthday, I made and topped it myself. That proved to be even more fun than watching. No wonder my mom likes to make this cake every chance she gets!

A few weeks prior to almost every birthday in the Smith house, this conversation takes place:

Mom (Ruth): What kind of cake do you want for your birthday?
Child: Umm...I don't know.
Mom: Angel Food Cake with whipped cream?!
Child: No!!
The truth is, we kids don't abhor this cake. However, it's only keeping up with tradition in our house to deny that we appreciate it. :-) As the story continues, usually mom manages to fit her absolute favorite kind of cake--Angel Food with Cool Whip-- into every Smith birthday. I'm sure we would miss it if she didn't. :P

-Katie Marie, 3rd born to Ruth, favorite sister to Jessica


Ellen Kristine said...

"Katie Marie, 3rd born to Ruth, favorite sister to Jessica"

Oh, really.

Ellen Kristine,5th born to Ruth, favorite sister to Jessica

P.S. The cake was really good!

Garden Gnome said...

That cake looks lovely and I'm sure it tasted great! I'd like to thank you all for linking to my blog (Mom's Cafe Home Cooking). Please check out my blog later this afternoon to see the little blub with your link I made in today's entry as my of saying thankyou. Take care and happy cooking.

PS. I'll sneak a piece of cake while Ellen and Katie decide who's the favourite sister :)

Roberta said...

I popped over from the other blog SewChic, and when I saw this post had to comment. It's sweet the memories we share and carry with us. Mine is my Mom and Logger's Delight. My Mom makes it every holiday...tradition, and even though I don't *love* it, felt the desire to make it this year. (We moved to a new state 2 years ago, I think I was really missing my folks.)

My Mom loves angel food cake as well. We slice it into two layers, mix half the whip with frozen or fresh mixed berries as filling between the layers, and frost the outside with remaining cool whip...It is really yummy! Pretty garnished with fresh flowers and mint.
Enjoy your family and memories! :)