Tuesday, June 20, 2006

"Help for the Busy Mom"

I added the weekly menu from Menu4Moms to the sidebar in hopes that I may get inspired to try some new recipes. It's so easy to make the same meals week after week, and I need some variety in my menus. I need to do better with planning out our meals for a whole week (or two!) at a time because perhaps then I wouldn't get so frustrated not knowing what meals to prepare each day. Am I the only homemaker who has this problem?



raizn4andnomore said...

Cherries and what to do with them????? Ok, what do I do with 17 lbs of sweet cherries? Besides eat them all, we dont want to end up on the potty ... Ruth, remember the rubarb growing up? The kids and I went and picked cherries today and now im not sure what to do with them.... Can I freeze them? and if so how? Anyone have a good cherry pie recipe? HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPP before we all end up on the pot.... Theresa

Ruth said...

You can freeze cherries. Just take the pits out and put them in ziplock baggies. If you want to, measure the amount you'll need for a pie and put that amount in the baggie.

Jessica has a fabulous recipe for cherry pie. I'll tell her to email it to you or post it here.

Elissa said...
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Elissa said...

would you please post the recipe on here? I love cherry pie and I want a good recipe. Thanks!