Friday, January 11, 2008

The Wysocki Sandwich

Last week when we had sandwiches, I was teasing Justin about how mine was better then his because I folded and layered my lunch meat to look all pretty like the sandwich on the lunch meat package.

So...the next time we had sandwiches, he proceeded to make himself a special sandwich. In his best TV chef's voice he explained how to cut the lunch meat into quarters and then place the pieces on the bread in an extra-special spiral formation. Cutting the cheese was also very important, and integral to the art of making a sandwich. This sandwich was called a Wysocki Sandwich because it was inspired by the paintings of the early 1900s painter, Charles Wysocki. An example of one of his fine paintings can be seen HERE. Don't you agree, that Justin's sandwich is an excellent redefinition of a Wysocki painting?

Last week I made Cindy's Cashew Chicken recipe. It was AWESOME! Thanks so much for the recipe, Cindy! I think it will be come a favorite here, and Justin is even considering having it for his annual birthday party dinner instead of his longstanding tradition of having enchiladas. That would be great with me because Cashew Chicken is a lot easier to make than enchiladas!

Elliot's newest feats now include pulling himself up on stuff. He did this all by himself! He will be 11 months tomorrow, and is such a big boy. He's one of the biggest joys of my life right now.

That's all for now!

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Ruth said...

Wow! Justin is an artist! Funny man. :-)