Monday, October 01, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

Here's this week's menu. I scribbled it out really fast earlier because I was on the way out the door to go to the grocery store, but then I realized that I didn't have any keys (we left them at your house, Mom!). So now I have time to sit down and refine my menu. I love planning out a week's worth of foods....I love anticipation in general, and my mouth waters all week when I know what yummy foods are coming up. It also makes the cooking more enjoyable when I have been looking forward to eating something all week.

Mac and Cheese

Speedy Chicken Stir Fry
This is a Kraft recipe, and it is SO good. Very easy and yummy. Here's a picture. =)

Pork green chili with tortillas

Ham sandwiches

Leftover chili

Scalloped potatoes with ham, salad, and apple crisp


Pizza--ham and pineapple

Bonny's German pancakes with buttermilk syrup and bacon

Spicy Skillet dinner with rice.
This recipe is great...I need to post it...chicken, taco seasoning, corn,
black beans and salsa served over rice with sour cream and cheese.


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Nicole said...

Great menu! The german pancakes sounds delish!