Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Breakfast Fun

This is what my husband does when we have pancakes and sausage patties. =)

Yesterday I made homeade granola using this recipe from Tammy. It came out really good, and I even left out the brown sugar in an attempt use less sugar in my diet. It still was slightly sweet though because the recipe also calls for honey (only I didn't have any honey, so I used pancake syrup instead). This makes a very filling and healthy breakfast!

As the weather turns cooler, I've really enjoyed making breakfast for Justin and me. Some of the satisfying breakfast combinations I've made are listed below...

Granola in milk with yogurt and peach slices on the side
Oatmeal with diced apples, bananas, or peaches cooked in with it, with fried eggs and milk
Malt-O-Meal cereal with wheat germ cooked in it, with fruit on the side
Yogurt smoothies made with fruit and protien powder, served with peanut butter toast
Fried eggs with salsa and chips
Peanut butter bagels and fruit
Cold cereal with grapefruit halves
Scrambled egg burritos

I've found that if I have eggs, various fruits, and a couple types of cold and hot cereals in the pantry, I can come up with endless options for breakfasts that are fast, filling, and healthy.

happy breakfast!


Heather L said...

I like your list of breakfasts. Eggs and malt-o-meal are some of my favorites too. :)

Ruth said...

Jessica...Is the smile made from syrup or mustard? :-) Just kidding...I'm sure it's not mustard. I think I'm the only person I know who likes mustard.

You have such a sweet hubby...making smiley faces out of his breakfast!

Katie Marie said...

You have such a funny husband, Jess...