Saturday, November 18, 2006

Thanksgiving Cookies and a Teddy Bear Murder

Two nights ago we made and decorated Thanksgiving sugar cookies for some of our neighbors. Taking little plates of goodies to our neighbors was a tradition that my family always did at Christmas in the various neighborhoods that we've lived in, and it's a tradition I want to continue...only I think I'll do it at Thanksgiving! It's a good way to reach out to those around us and begin relationships with our neighbors. Everyone likes cookies. =)

Justin really had fun decorating this teddy bear that I accidentally "decapitated". Poor Teddy!


Ruth said...

I don't think the teddy bear liked being surrounded by all those turkeys.

The cookies look great. You know how much I love sugar cookies, hint, hint. :-)

love you!

Jessica said...

Sorry Mom, they are almost all gone! We have one plate of 4 for a neighbor that wasn't home, and then 3 others that we haven't eaten yet...