Wednesday, October 25, 2006

4 Generations of Tortilla Makers

Today Jessica inspired me to try my hand again at making flour tortillas. You see, I grew up watching my mom make homemade flour tortillas on a weekly basis. She didn't measure anything, and she made it look so easy. Several times she attempted to teach me how to make tortillas, and as long as she made the dough they came out okay. All right, so my tortillas were shaped like many of the states of America, not round like my mom's, but still they tasted great if she made the dough.

When I got married I once again wanted to make flour tortillas. As a young mother I would often visit my beloved grandma and my great aunt Jennie, and I would beg them to teach me how to make tortillas. I remember the two of them laughing at the way I rolled out the dough and the shapes that transpired underneath my rolling pin. I remember Grandma telling me that there was a right and a wrong side to every tortilla, and I didn't dare lay the rolled out dough on the hot griddle facing the wrong direction. I remember the dough encrusted in Grandma's ring as she attempted to pick it out after we were finished making the tortillas. I remember Grandma sending home a dozen tortillas, beans, and green chili for Mark to enjoy. She knew how much my husband loved her good cooking.

I never did learn to make good tortillas, but Grandma did teach me how to crochet. She also taught me about love and laughter and hospitality and family loyalty and so many other things that I can't begin to express. Two years ago (or was it three?) in October my grandma, Tillie Gomez, died in her home. So many days I think of her, and I never stop missing her.

Today I finally made some tortillas, all by myself, that came out like they should. I'm sure mine don't taste as good as Grandma's tortillas, but they're still good. I think Grandma would be proud of me!

This picture was taken about 8 years ago. Four generations of tortilla makers!

Jessica is 15 years old here.

Mom, Grandma, Me, Jessica

Thank you, Jessica, for inspiring me today!


Jessica said...

Oh Mom, your post is making me tear up. I miss Grandma Gomez too...I miss Christmas at her house, with tamales, and carmels, and silver tinsle everywhere. I miss being a little kid and running around her back yard, and playing with her flabby arms, and looking at her gnomes and dolls, and I especially miss hearing her voice... She always pronounced my name with a long 'e' sound in place of the short 'i' sound in Jessica.

Makes you look forward to heaven, doesn't it? Do you think Grandma is still making tortillas and crocheting doilys?

Terah K. B. said...

Oh, Jessica, your comment is so touching! I miss so many things about all the grandparents that I have lost too. Being assured that the ones you loved had accepted Jesus as their Saviour and are in Heaven does make death much easier though. I know what it's like to wonder if someone you really loved and cared about was saved before they died so that they too could enjoy a Heavenly reward.

Your Sister in Christ,