Saturday, July 08, 2006

How the Garden Does Grow

I'm not much of a gardener, but I love the produce from my husband's garden. This year, because of time restraints and a broken rototiller he decided to plant a "Container Garden" using 55-gallon barrels that he cut in half as the containers.

All the plants got off to a great start, but since it's gotten hotter some of the plants have begun to wither. The cucumber plants are having a rough time of it, but we still get a few cucumbers here and there. Because the heat and squash bugs killed off the zucchini and squash plants, Mark says he will replant. I’m glad that we did get a few squash before the plants died. What do you suppose caused this conjoined yellow squash?

The tomatoes are doing fine, and the first ripe tomato will be ready to pick in a day or two. We picked the first baby watermelon and put it in the refrigerator to eat tomorrow. I think that peppers must like hot, sunny days because the pepper plants are doing great. Can anybody tell me the name of these peppers that grow like fingers pointing up in the air?

I love the bright colors of the peppers! Matthew did a fine job of photographing them!

Okay, enough of my rambling…I’d love to read your comments about how your gardens are doing. Feel free to ramble.



Cindi said...

Banana peppers. My green beans seemed to be dieing when we got a lot of rain last week. They have perked back up now.

Elissa said...

Cool squash, What is the last picture of? We don't have a garden this year. :(

Ruth said...

Cindi, The peppers are only about 2 inches long. They aren't jalapenos, and I thought banana peppers were a lot longer. I guess I could do a search to find out the name. :-)

The last picture is of a baby watermelon.

Cindi said...

They could be Habinero peppers. You will know if it those. If you let them turn with black streaks in them they are hot, hot, hot! I put one tiny one in spag. sauce last summer and almost died. We grow both banana and habinero, and sweet yellow, red, and green. LOL, we grow a lot. If they are Habinero they make great salsa.